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Ever since I was little, I've always had passion for organization and could spend hours hauling things out of my wardrobe and putting them back in place neatly folded or re-arranged in some new, better way.

But not all of us enjoy it. Who wants to spend their free time shuffling around boxes, categorizing and labeling, trying to figure our where everything will "live"? As a professional organizer I specialize in all types of residential space de-cluttering, downsizing and minimizing - closets, kitchens, pantries, living spaces, offices, you name it. Additionally, I have 10 year experience as a fashion buyer that gives me the knowledge to offer "a Closet Stylist" services. This means that I will go over all of your wardrobe and create versatile look book of your outfits for you, all neatly compiled in your own customized look-book edition. No more spending forever on deciding what to wear!

Call me "closet organizer meets personal stylist" if you may! :)


Order and creativity are complimentary, so I'm here to help you to organize your home, make room for creativity and give you space for the things that truly matter!


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